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  • How to Enable The New Facebook Timeline Right Now

    Facebook has introduced a new feature called ‘Timeline‘ which enables users to see what photos, posts and life events they have featured on their profile since the day they joined Facebook. Timeline is where you can tell your story from beginning, to middle, to now. Right now, Timeline is for developers only and will go […]

  • How to Install Microsoft Windows 8 Using USB

    Microsoft released Windows 8 developer preview yesterday at Microsoft Build Conference and if you are looking to install it via USB or flash drive, you’re at the right place. The foremost task that needs to be done is: Download Windows 8 ISO file from here. You will need to download the appropriate file i,e 32-bit […]

  • How to install iOS 5 Beta 2 On iPhone 4 and 3GS Without having Developer Account

    Yesterday, Apple pushed out iOS 5 beta 2 for developers. Only developers registered in the Apple developing program could get iOS 5 beta 2 on their idevices. If you are non-deveoper just like me, you might ask how do I get iOS 5 beta on my iPhone without having developer account? Follow the steps below to […]

  • Change “Slide To Unlock” Text using OwnSlide

    Slide to Unlock! OwnSlide is a tweak that will change “Slide to Unlock” that appears when we lock our idevices   with any text we wish. See an example below The developer of OwnSlide tweak, DjKira, has uploaded a video preview of OwnSlide on YouTube. Check out the video below This tweak will be available for download […]

  • JOYSTICK-IT brings a physical joystick for your iPad

    JOYSTICK-IT is a new physical joystick for your iPad by which you can easily play your touch screen games on your iPad or Android based tablets. The JOYSTICK-IT is invented and designed by ThinkGeek which is made up of solid milled-aluminum and laser etched crosshair design on top of stick with thumb traction. All you need […]

  • Download Justin Bieber: Never Say Never theme for Windows 7

    Microsoft has released a theme for Windows 7 entitled as ‘Justin Bieber: Never Say Never’. I guess you all know who Justin Bieber is. His music is popular all over the world especially in teens. He has got tons of fans and millions of views on his videos on YouTube. Also, he has got more […]

  • How to monitor/track Adsense clicks – Invalid Clicks detection tutorial

    I recently got my Adsense account, having over 1200$, disabled due to Invalid Clicks Activity. As you know that when your account gets disabled, you get only once chance to appeal with all the proofs that you didn’t click on your own ads and someone click bombed on your ads. Unfortunately, I didn’t have any […]

  • Make your Google Account more secure by 2-step verification Security

    Security breaching has always been the issue for the users as hackers around are always looking to hijack accounts. If your Google account is that much important and you can;t afford to get it hijacked, then you can use the 2-step verification security to make your account’s security more powerful. This makes almost impossible for […]

  • Your Facebook Account Gets more Secure With Login Approvals

    Facebook is now offering “Login Approvals”, that is a new way to make your account more secure from unauthorized access to your account. Login approvals is a Two Factor Authentication system that requires you to enter a code we send to your mobile phone via text message whenever you log into Facebook from a new […]

  • Technorati Media Ads showing Google Adsense ads? Not a Problem!

    I recently got my website approved for Technorati Media ads. After that, Technorati sent me tags for my ads and my login information. I implemented those ads and I was surprised to see that Technorati ads were showing Google Adsense ads. I was not sure that it was normal or not, so I searched around the web for my answer. So […]