Make your Google Account more secure by 2-step verification Security

Security breaching has always been the issue for the users as hackers around are always looking to hijack accounts. If your Google account is that much important and you can;t afford to get it hijacked, then you can use the 2-step verification security to make your account’s security more powerful. This makes almost impossible for a hacker to hijack your account. 

2-step verification adds an extra layer of security to your Google Account by requiring you to have access to your phone – as well as your username and password – when you sign in. This means that if someone steals or guesses your password, the potential hijacker still can’t sign in to your account because they don’t have your phone.

So how to get this powerful security? Follow these steps 

Go to and then click Sign in at the right top corner of the screen. [If you are already signed in, skip this step]

After you’r signed in, click Settings at the top of the screen and then choose Google Account Settings from the drop-down menu.
Now at the right panel, under Personal Settings, click Using 2-step verification
On the next screen, proceed by clicking Set up 2-step verification button. 
On the next screen, chose your mobile device. If you have Android, Blackberry or iPhone, then you can install an application that will make you use this security. You can get this  by pointing your phone’s web browser to If you have other mobile device, simply choose Other – use another phone from the drop-down menu. After that, choose your Country from the left drop-down menu and then type your mobile’s number in the box next to your Country.
When Google successfully identifies your number, Send Code button will become clickable. Click on that button and the verification code will be sent to the number via text message you just provided . Type the code you see in your mobile’s text message and click Verify and then click Next. Now follow the next on-screen instructions to complete the 2-step verification security.

Facebook has also recently introduced this type of security called ‘Login Approvals’. Follow that guide posted here.







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