Technorati Media Ads showing Google Adsense ads? Not a Problem!

I recently got my website approved for Technorati Media ads. After that, Technorati sent me tags for my ads and my login information. I implemented those ads and I was surprised to see that Technorati ads were showing Google Adsense ads. I was not sure that it was normal or not, so I searched around the web for my answer. So many blogger were of the believe that you should not use technorati ads on your website because if are you already having 3 adsense ads on a page and you also implemented technorati ads along with that, your adsense account might become at risk as it will violate adsense policies. I was confused. So i rather decided to contact Tecnorati support. I asked them and they responded with this

Hi Samad,

Thanks for your inquiry. To ease your concern, we’re currently partnered with Google ADX, which is why you will see ads from Google’s exchange platform. Though the ads may look similar, our tags are not AdSense tags, and these campaigns come only from Double Click’s ad exchange. So, this means that running Technorati Media ads is not a conflict of interest with AdSense TOS, by any means.

The Publisher Team
Technorati Media
It is understood from the above statement that if Technorati Media Ads are showing Google Adsense ads on your website alongside with your actual adsense ads, then there is nothing to worry about. Not a problem at all!







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