How to Install Microsoft Windows 8 Using USB

Microsoft released Windows 8 developer preview yesterday at Microsoft Build Conference and if you are looking to install it via USB or flash drive, you’re at the right place. The foremost task that needs to be done is: Download Windows 8 ISO file from here. You will need to download the appropriate file i,e 32-bit or 64-bit. To determine whether your computer is 32-bit or 64-bit, follow the steps below:

Open the Start menu, and click on Programs -> Accessories -> System Tools -> System Information.

The System Information tool will display detailed information about your operating system. See the System Type. If it is x86-Based PC, then it is 32-bit and you will need to download Windows 8 developer preview 32-bit file.

After you have downloaded the required Windows 8 ISO file, it’s time to move on. The next step is to download Windows 7 USB/DVD tool. Download it here for free from the official Microsoft store.

You are now done with the downloading stuff. Install Windows 7 USB/DVD tool and run it. Step 1 is to browse and select the ISO file that you downloaded earlier. Once you have selected the file, click Next to proceed.

Select USB device and click Next to proceed.

Now plug in the USB into your computer and format it to have necessary space. If you already have data in your USB, make a backup of it somewhere. Once you are good to go, click Begin Copying.

Site back and relax while the program copies Windows 8 files to USB.
Once it does, restart your computer and boot the computer via USB to begin the Windows 8 installation. Follow the on-screen instruction to successfully install Windows 8 on your computer. 
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