JOYSTICK-IT brings a physical joystick for your iPad

JOYSTICK-IT is a new physical joystick for your iPad by which you can easily play your touch screen games on your iPad or Android based tablets. The JOYSTICK-IT is invented and designed by ThinkGeek which is made up of solid milled-aluminum and laser etched crosshair design on top of stick with thumb traction.
All you need to do is load your game of choice and place the JOYSTICK-IT over the virtual joystick and it will stick to the glass. You can then use it in place of the on-screen joystick and hopefully rack up some new high scores and achievements.

You can buy this gadget at ThinkGeek for $24.99. If you plan to buy twin pack, you can get it at $39.99. Below is the video that will show you how JOYSTICK-IT works. 



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