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  • How to add favicon to blogger the easy way

    Info: A favicon is small image (known as an icon) that is used to identify a website or webpage.This type of icon (also known as a favorite icon or favorites icon) is usually only 16 pixels in height and 16 pixels in width. And when a favicon is included in a webpage it can be seen […]

  • How much you can earn with infolinks? [Report]

    Infolinks, Inc. is a leading provider of pay per click In-Text advertising services, working with online content publishers worldwide. Infolinks enables website owners and publishers to benefit from premium In-Text ads without any risk – registration is free with no fees and no commitment.  I started using infolinks on my blog three months ago and […]

  • How to add Google +1 button to Blogger

    Google had been under experiment with plus one button and finally they made it live over the web on 1st June, 2011. The plus one button lets you recommend things you like to friends and they will see your recommendations in Google search results and over time in Ads and possibly other places.In search now you […]

  • How to Add A YouTube Subscribe Gadget To Blogger

    So you have got a blog along with a YouTube channel with some ineresting and funk videos and you want people to subscribe to your channel more easily? Well, here’s a gadget I found out which you can put on your Blog that will show your YouTube’s channel name with all the counts of your uploaded videos […]

  • Technorati Media Ads showing Google Adsense ads? Not a Problem!

    I recently got my website approved for Technorati Media ads. After that, Technorati sent me tags for my ads and my login information. I implemented those ads and I was surprised to see that Technorati ads were showing Google Adsense ads. I was not sure that it was normal or not, so I searched around the web for my answer. So […]

  • How to enable mobile version of your blog on Blogger

    If you have got a popular blog, then you might get so many visitors to your blog from mobile devices. Your template might create problem for your visitors who are viewing your blog from their Cell Phones. So you must enable mobile version of your blog on Blogger so that you mobile phone visitors never get annoyed. Follow the steps below: […]

  • How to get free Contact us Form for your website or Blog

    This two-minute tutorial will teach you How to get free Contact us Form for your website or Blog from Google. Every Webmaster use contact us page on his/her website or blog so that their readers could contact them for any queries or question. But if you search around the web for contact us form for your website or […]

  • Numbered Page Navigation for Blogger – Blogspot

    This tutorial will show you how to add Numbered Page Navigation for your Blogger – Blogspot blog. In default blogger templates, Navigation for pages are linked as Older Posts and Newer posts at the bottom of template which is not that much noticeable and thus your readers can;t navigate your blog easily. The numbered Page navigation will […]

  • Blogger Favicon problem in Chrome and Internet Explorer – Fixed

    Favicon is the small logo that appears beside your website’s title on the tab of your address bar. When i started this blog, I used several guides around the web on how to add favicon to blogger but the problem I noticed later that the favicon was not appearing on Google Chrome, Internet Explorer or on any other browsers. It was only appearing on Mozilla Firefox. […]

  • How to Auto Read More without thumbnails on Blogger

    Earlier I wrote a guide on How to Auto Read More with Image thumbnails on Blogger and now contrary to that, this tutorial will show you how to Auto Read More without image thumbnails on your bBogSpot blog. This hack will automatically create post summaries. Just follow the steps below Go to you blogger Dashboard>>Design>>Edit HTML Tick “Expand Widget Templates” Look for <data:post.body/> tag […]