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  • How Much Change is Too Much Change? – Windows 8

    Microsoft is coming up with a new approach with Windows 8 after discussing much over its advatanges and disadvantages of this approach. With windows 8 if you don’t find the new Metro Touch UI good then you ought to get back to the traditional desktop. Now the ribbon is being enabled in Windows Explorer and […]

  • How to Install Microsoft Windows 8 Using USB

    Microsoft released Windows 8 developer preview yesterday at Microsoft Build Conference and if you are looking to install it via USB or flash drive, you’re at the right place. The foremost task that needs to be done is: Download Windows 8 ISO file from here. You will need to download the appropriate file i,e 32-bit […]

  • Windows 8 Developer Preview Build Now Availabe to Download

    If you haven’t heard in a while, Microsoft has finally released Windows 8 developer preview at Microsoft Build Conference and you should not get away reading the word ‘developer preview’ as this release is not limited to developers. Anyone can download this build which is available in both 32-bit and 64-bit version but be warned […]

  • Microsoft Windows 8 Pre-beta to Be Revealed Next Week?

    Sources say that Window 8 pre-beta can be showed off by Microsoft on its Worldwide Partner Conference next week. With WPC 2011 officially kicking off July 11, WinRumors cited a tweet on Tuesday from an account called @MSFTtm, which said that “Microsoft will release a CTP [Community Technology Preview] build of Windows 8” at the conference. […]