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Yesterday one of my friend got his blog approved for MGID on Blogspot/Blogger. MGID sent him an email with the Widget code in it and when he tried to install that code into the Blogger, there were errors. Then he called me up and I figured out the problem in fractions of seconds. lol
Here is how to install MGID Widget on Blogger / Blogspot

Your mgid widget code would look like this

Go to blogger dashboard >>Design>>Edit HTML
Tick Expand Widget Templates
Now copy that part of code of your widget that I have highlighted in red in the above image and paste it inside your template where you want it to be shown.

Now here comes the point where the problem was actually lying.
Copy the second part of code of your widget (highlighted in blue in the above image) and parse it by going here

Just copy that part of code and paste it inside the box and click convert

Now simply search your blogger template for </body> [You can search for this by pressing CTRL + F on your keyboard] and paste that converted code just above </body>

That’s it. Enjoy 


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