How to get free Contact us Form for your website or Blog

This two-minute tutorial will teach you How to get free Contact us Form for your website or Blog from Google. Every Webmaster use contact us page on his/her website or blog so that their readers could contact them for any queries or question. But if you search around the web for contact us form for your website or blog, they will most probably charge you for this service. But thanks to Google as we can get this service from them FREE. Just follow the instructions below.

You need a Google account to proceed. I hope you have a Google account. If not, Sign up now.
Go to and sign in there with your Google account. After you are signed in, Click Create New and then Form from the left side panel. 
You will be redirected to the next screen where you will have options to set up your form. Add items you want to include in your from by clicking Add Item at the top left corner of the screen. You can also use numerous themes for your form by clicking on Theme: Plain at the top of the screen. Once your’e done with all customizations, have a look at your contact form’s demo by clicking the link at the bottom of the screen that says You can view the published form here:********

Finally, click More Actions that appears at the right top corner of the screen and then click Embed. 
You will come up with the code for your Contact Us Form. Copy that code and paste it on your website’s or blog’s page. Now your newly created form will appear on the home screen of your Google Docs account and you can check for your message(if someone sends u message through your contact us form) from there.







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