How much you can earn with infolinks? [Report]

Infolinks, Inc. is a leading provider of pay per click In-Text advertising services, working with online content publishers worldwide. Infolinks enables website owners and publishers to benefit from premium In-Text ads without any risk – registration is free with no fees and no commitment. 

I started using infolinks on my blog three months ago and it has been great for me as it has earned me some extra cash. Yesterday one of my friend asked me that “I want to integrate info links on one of my website. How much can I make with infolinks? I decided to write a post on this so that everyone could have an idea about the infolinks earnings. Here my three months report from 1st April 2011 to 18th June, 2011 [Not exactly three months]

I hope this three-month reports gives you an idea that how much you can earn with inoflinks if your are deciding to integrate infolinks on your website or blog. 

This is not a paid or official post from infolinks.






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