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  • How to monitor/track Adsense clicks – Invalid Clicks detection tutorial

    I recently got my Adsense account, having over 1200$, disabled due to Invalid Clicks Activity. As you know that when your account gets disabled, you get only once chance to appeal with all the proofs that you didn’t click on your own ads and someone click bombed on your ads. Unfortunately, I didn’t have any […]

  • New home page for the new Google AdSense interface

    Google Adsense’ home page for the New Interface has been updated with some of new hot features. Here’s what Google Adsense Engineers posted on the official adsense Blog We’ll now be showing you earnings for today, yesterday, this month so far, and last month as well as any unpaid finalized earnings and most recent payment information. Important […]

  • How To Add Adsense ads between or anywhere in Blogger Posts

    This tutorial will teach you how you can add Adsense ads between or anywhere in Blog posts. First you need to get Adsense Ads unit code. If you don;t know how to get Adsense ads code, follow the tutorial here How To Add Adsense ads between or anywhere in Blogger Posts This is very easy to do. […]

  • How to create Adsense Ads unit

    If you have got approved from Adsese, then you need to get those ads code that you want to put in your Website. To get ads code, follow the instructions below to create Adsense Ads unit Go to you adsense account Then Click on  Adsense Setup > Get Ads From the choices choose Adsense For content, […]

  • Protect your Adsense Account

    Thousands of people are getting their Adsense accounts disabled daily. Every one say their account got disabled for no reason. Trust me, if you follow all the TOS of Adsense, you will never get banned. Another thing I noticed for getting your account disabled is by your haters or your jealous friends or your foes. How can they do this? […]

  • Never place your Adsense Ads near images

    Yes! I’m talking about Google Adsense. Never place your ads near or around images. On Monday, December 18, 2006, Google responded number of emails from publishers asking how they feel about the placement of images near Google ad units. Here are the answers and FAQs about the placement of ads near images from Adsense PoliciesCan I place […]

  • Tips to increase CTR – Google adsense

    CTR means Click Through Rate. Your click CTR determines how much you can earn from Google adsense. There are many ways to increase your CTR. You can find bulk of articles on this on the web. But today I am going to share my experience and method that I used that increased my CTR by […]

  • how many ads can be placed? – Google Adsense

    You might be wondering that how many ads can be placed on a website. Well, according to the Google Adsense TOS, a publisher can place three AdSense for content units, maximum of three link units and two search boxes on each webpage. Get more Adsense tricks.

  • You can have 7 Adsense ads on a page. Did you know that?

     Yes, you can have 7 adsense ads on a page (the official Google blog from their AdSense team.) On each page of your site AdSense is able to support up to: 3 ad units2 AdSense for Search boxes1 Link unit1 Referral button per product (i.e., 1 AdSense referral button and 1 Firefox plus Google Toolbar […]

  • Banned from Google Adsense? Try these alternatives to Adsense

    So you got banned from Google adsense or you can’t even reach the threshold of adsense i,e 100$? Try these alternatives to Google adsense.Good luck Contextual Ads: * Adbrite: Practically the best Adsense Alternative in term of contextual ads. They have additional ad formats that are good paying and can also be used to compliment […]