Tips to increase CTR – Google adsense

CTR means Click Through Rate. Your click CTR determines how much you can earn from Google adsense. There are many ways to increase your CTR. You can find bulk of articles on this on the web. But today I am going to share my experience and method that I used that increased my CTR by 10-15%

First of all what I did was, I searched for the Adsense help and found out that adsense publishers are allowed to place 3 content units, maximum 3 link units and 2 search boxes. and after that I implemented adsense ads like this

You can increase your ctr for sure by the implementation of your ads like in the above image. And and it is not against any TOS of adsense. As I mentioned above that publishers are allowed to place 3 content ads, 3 links units, and 2 search boxes on each page.






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