Protect your Adsense Account

Thousands of people are getting their Adsense accounts disabled daily. Every one say their account got disabled for no reason. Trust me, if you follow all the TOS of Adsense, you will never get banned.

Another thing I noticed for getting your account disabled is by your haters or your jealous friends or your foes. How can they do this? Well, Your Adsense publisher id or your entire ads code from your website can easily be stolen from the source code of your website. How can this be dangerous for you? Well, they can place your ads code on inappropriate websites or on the websites that violates Adsense Terms of Service. So How can you protect yourself? Adsense itself has this option to protect your account from this kind of problem. Just follow these steps

Log in to your Adsense Account.

Click on Adsense Setup [Note: If your’ using new adsense interface, switch back to old interface for a while]

Now on the far right side, click on Allowed Sites

Now tick on Only allow certain sites to show ads for my account and in the field below List your allowed URLs, one per line: enter your website.  Remember don’t put http:// or www just put your domain name

For example in my case it would be

[If you are using your adsense on multiple sites or blog, make sure to put your every domain name in that field]

Finally hit Save changes and yes your are done! Now if someone steals your code and put it on other websites, ads will still show, but impressions and clicks will not be recorded and your account will be safe.






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