Banned from Google Adsense? Try these alternatives to Adsense

So you got banned from Google adsense or you can’t even reach the threshold of adsense i,e 100$? Try these alternatives to Google adsense.Good luck

Contextual Ads:

* Adbrite: Practically the best Adsense Alternative in term of contextual ads. They have additional ad formats that are good paying and can also be used to compliment your Adsense Ads; inline text ads and full page ads. Payment are only made by checks but the one good thing is that they are very accommodating even towards smaller publishers. So if you have been rejected by other Ad Networks due to lesser traffic, Adbrite might just be the best thing available for you and your sites. OH Rating: 5/5
* Bidvertiser: Display the BidVertiser text ads on your website or blog, get paid for every click and have the payments sent directly to your PayPal account. However, the ad pool seems a little limited. OH Rating: 4/5
* Clicksor: One has many ad options available from Clicksor. They also offer high paying pop-up ads and full page ads. Very prompt with their payment and they make payment every 15 days via Paypal. However, they do have some joining restrictions with a 5,000 page views per day or 150000 page views per month requirement. OH Rating: 4.5/5
* Yahoo YPN: Should have been the best Adsense Alternative by now, but they are either not reviewing applications or take forever to respond. We are adding it to the list as the few people who we know and got approved have given good feedback in term of ad portfolio and payment.OH Rating: */5

Inline Ads:

* InfoLinks: In-Text Advertising Network, great for generating additional revenue source without compromising on your ad space and they also are know for high revenue share with publishers. OH Rating: 5/5
~ Inline advertising is also provided by Ad Networks like Adbrite, Clicksor & Kontera

Ad Widgets:

* Chitika: The creator of the very popular eMini Malls, Chitika was the first true alternative to Google adsense. Now they sell a new innovative ad product “Search Targeted Advertising” which basically help you monetize your search engine traffic without displacing your other ad incomes. OH Rating: 5/5
* Widget Bucks ~ Not accepting new applications as they are pulling the plug soon!

CPM Networks:

* Value Click Media: One of the best eCPM network with the highest payouts. Joining restrictions apply.OH Rating: 4.5/5
* Voxant Newsroom: One of the most productive CPM ad network I have participated in. One can earn upto $ 0.50 eCPM by displaying their video feed. No joining restriction, publishers payed by Paypal or check. Only U.S. traffic taken into consideration. High rating for ease of joining. OH Rating: 4/5
* Tribal Fusion: One of the top eCPM advertising network with good payouts. However, only sites with a minimum of 2000 unique hits per day can apply. OH Rating: 4.5/5

Paid Blogging:

* Pay Per Post: A paid blogging network that pays for reviewing an advertiser’s products and services. One can earn an average of $ 10 for each paid review. $20 for the first opportunity after sign up. A publisher’s blog needs to be at least one month old. OH Rating: 4/5
* Sponsored Reviews: An online marketplace where publishers can bid for writing a review for an opportunity. Great transparency and 65% payouts. OH Rating: 5/5
* Review Me: A marketplace much suited for bigger blogger, however, opportunity available for smaller bloggers too. OH Rating: 2.5/5

Affiliate Networks:

* Click Bank: Largest affiliate marketplace for digital products. Affiliate share as high as 75% on products. OH Rating: 5/5

Text Link Brokers:

* Text Link Ads: The largest text link brokers. Sell simple, relevant text ads on your website. Works best for PR 4 and above sites and blogs. OH Rating: 4/5

Other Advertising Networks:

* Advertise Your Game: Best suited for entertainment niche sites. Like CPM Star they display Gaming Ads and pay on a CPC basis. One of the better preforming Ad Networks on our gaming and video sites. OH Rating: 5/5
* CPMStar: Online advertising network devoted to gamers. Works best on entertainment niche sites like videos, photos and other themes. Some time back they were an exclusive network, but now they are more open to accept smaller publishers. OH Rating: 5/5
* Adversal: Popup advertising network paying upto $ 1.20 eCPM. OH Rating: 3/5






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