Turn your iPad 2 into Notebook with ClamCase

Have you ever wished your iPad 2 was more likely a notebook? Well, if you did, your wish has come true as ClamCase(for $149) will turn your iPad 2 into a Notebook. The ClamCase is a clever little product which basically makes an iPad 2 look and feel a bit more like a netbook by acting as a stand, case, and Bluetooth keyboard accessory.
This product was previously available for first generation iPad for $150 and now it has finally arrived for iPad 2. This is the perfect way to add a keyboard and hinge to your iPad 2! 
As the keyboard is concerned, the ClamCase for iPad 2 features wireless connectivity via Bluetoothwith Easy Sync, a proprietary standard that connects the keyboard automatically once you wake up the iPad. The battery is said to last up to 100 days in standby, but no figures are given for the number of typing hours you’ll be able to pull off without having to recharge it. you can buy this at ClamCase official website.



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