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  • Get the cookie expert on your iPhone this Christmas

    CulinartMedia Inc., from San Francisco, California is a US and German based software developer that specializes in developing ground-breaking, original culinary apps to teach cooking skills to all and sundry using heightened skills and techniques to increase ones cooking capabilities. With Christmas around the corner CulinartMedia, Inc., now introduces an innovative software ‘Cookies for Christmas […]

  • Grand Theft Auto III Coming to iPhone 4S and iPad 2

    Yes, one of the most popular and widely played game in the gaming era Grand Theft Auto III is coming to iPhone 4S and iPad 2. Rockstar Games announced that they are celebrating the 10th anniversary of GTA III and are planning to bring it on new iOS and Android devices this fall. To commemorate […]

  • Grand Theft Auto 3 hits the Mac App Store

    Those old days are back for Mac users as all-time-hit Grand Theft Auto 3 finally arrives on Mac App Store for $14.99. The game was initially launched in October 2001 for PlayStation 2 and since then, the title ‘Grand Theft Auto’ has achieved highest landmark in the gaming industry. After 10 years of its launch, […]

  • Close all Apps from Background Instantly [Cydia Tweak]

    KillBackground is a new Cydia tweak that allows users to close all applications running in the background with a single tap on a screen. Developed by Mattlawer, KillBackground is available for free in Cydia. Once KillBackground is installed, two buttons will appear in the multi-tasking bar and once you tap on one of them, all […]

  • Skype for iPad Now Available to Download

    After months of waiting, Skype for iPad finally went live on App Store today. But soon after it went live, Skype removed its app from App Store for unknown reason. Thankfully, Skype for iPad has now returned to App Store and you can download it. Skype’s head of Consumer Product Manager, Rick Osterloh, describes Skype […]

  • Skype for iPad Finally Arrived on App Store – then Removed

    Long-awaited Skype for iPad finally hit App Store today after months of expectations. The new app takes advantage of the tablet’s larger screen real estate, making for crisp and clear video chat over Wi-Fi, and often less crisp chat over 3G. However, after sometime, Skype pulled it out from the App Store maybe to make […]

  • Use iPhone/iPod Touch as Wireless Keyboard for iPad

    Here’s new and innovative app ‘External Keyboard’ that lets users use their iPhone/iPod Touch as a Wireless Keyboard for iPad. Ofcourse you need to have both iPad and iPhone or iPod Touch to make a connection between the two. You might be wondering how this app works? Well, External Keyboard app builds a connection between […]

  • Recover Deleted Text Messages Using UndeleteSMS on iPhone

    Doesn’t matter if your’ an iPhone user or Nokia or Samsung or whatever, you sometimes accidentally delete your important text message that you wished to keep and curse yourself for this act. Thanks to iPhone apps developers as now iPhone users can actually recover their deleted SMS using Undelete SMS. UndeleteSMS is available on Cydia […]

  • Watch all Sports Live Streaming on your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch

    Now you can watch all your favorite sports live streaming online on your iPhone or iPod touch or on your iPad through WatchESPN app. You can stay connected to your favorite sport live and shows on ESPN whenever and wherever you want them as long as you have your smartphone inside your pocket. Download the FREE WatchESPN app to your […]

  • Make your iPad 2 invisible with ‘Invisibility’ app

    Here comes an amazing magical application for iPad 2. Not really, but it does amaze you and others around you. This app ‘Invisibility’ makes use of the iPad 2′s camera and the built in gyroscope to create the illusion of invisibility, although it looks more like transparency. When the app is launched, all the user would […]