Top 3 best iPhone Games/apps 2011

So you are thinking of filling up your iPhone? You may have gone so far but here are the top 3 addictive and best games that you must keep in your iPhone. 

1.Angry Birds 
The most addictive and simple iPhone game to date, Angry Birds lets you employ cartoon birds as weaponized projectiles in an escalating war against a posse of egg-stealing green pigs.Revenge relies on vectors and basic principles of physics, but the gist is to use a slingshot to angle an ‘angry bird’ at the smug little pigs. The real challenge? Putting your phone down once you’ve started.
2. Scrabble
Hasbro’s iPhone app version of Scrabble might be even better than Grandpa’s board version. You can match wits against the computer, against online opponents, or against your friends via Facebook. Scrabble pros can have up to 50 games going at once, while newbies will appreciate the game’s learning tools, including a teacher mode and a cheater option, which allows the computer to choose the highest-score word for you.
3. Plants v. Zombies
The thought of a zombie attack is enough to keep any sensible person up at night. But you know what’s even scarier? Watching waves of zombies trampling your nicely manicured lawn. That national (or at least gardener’s) nightmare is realized in Plants vs. Zombies, a perennial best-seller. Game rules? The zombies advance, you bombard them with any number of flora, including ears of corn and frozen watermelons. That’s just common sense, right?
That’s it. You can get these games from App Store. Just tap on App Store on your iPhone and search for these. I will be posting more apps soon. Stay updated






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