See who is using your iPhone with FrontCam Trap

FrontCam Trap is an app that secretly snaps a photo of any person who tries to use your iPhone 4. Photos of unauthorized users are kept in an in-app library that may be password protected. Additional optional features include: a siren alert when a photo is taken, silencing the shutter sound effect, and Dropbox connectivity and storage for photos. This app doesn’t run in the background. That means you will have to launch FrontCam Trap before locking you iPhone 4.

This app is actually a trap. Suspect your girlfriend is snooping through your call history? You can set a trap to know for sure. You can obtain wacky pics of your friends and co-workers when they least expect it, or photograph a friend who doesn’t like to be. You can even replace boring Contact photos with the wild unexpected ones you’ll obtain! This app is available on iTunes for $0.99. Have fun with FrontCam Trap 😉






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