Row over 4 G Speeds Forces Apple to Drop the 4 G Tag from iPad Name

There has been lots of criticism doing rounds over the internet and among several media platforms about the alleged change of name of the iPad from the In fact, the criticism can be said to have been brought about by major stakeholders in the mobile device industry. They have been claiming that there is inaccuracy when Apple named its new iPad as a 4G device. However, in order to get the facts right, keep reading!

The latest news on the unfolding story of the criticism of the naming of Apple’s new iPad is that Apple has officially announced that it is dropping the 4G tag on its new iPad. In fact, the company has now moved ion to give another name to the device so as to put the matter to rest. The tablet has of late attracted so much attention from several people across the world and Apple has now indicated that in order to resolve the stalemate, the tablet will now be referred to as ‘iPad Wi-Fi + Cellular. This is a new name from the one used to refer to the device before, ‘iPad Wi-Fi + 4G.

Most stakeholders in the industry have been raising concerns that Apple is misleading its consumers by referring to the mobile device as 4G. Apple has so far announced that the change of names is to be effected in various stores across the globe including in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, Hong Kong, Canada, United States, and Canada among others. However, it has also assured its consumers that the name change should be used to disregard the functionality of the device since it does not have any effects on the operation of the new iPad.

Based on information from reliable sources, this new iPad was the first one to be enhanced with a technology that is 4G-LTE enabled. In fact, the device was even marketed based on that perception in various countries including the United Kingdom. However, 4G connectivity has not yet arrived in the UK. In fact, this is one of the origins of the criticisms about the device since various stakeholders in the industry were wondering how the tablet would be referred to as a 4G device whereas some of the places where the most people use it lack 4G connectivity.

It is from the revelation that the advertising authorities in the United Kingdom and Australia decided to conduct an investigation into the matter in order to unearth the truth about the name of the new iPad by Apple. Even though Cuppertino gave an assurance to the advertising authorities to drop the 4G tag last month, it only came to take shape in the last couple of days.



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