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  • Apple unveils fingerprint scanning system – Touch ID

    Apple has unveiled its latest iPhone 5S recently and one of the most notable highlight of the phone is the fingerprint scanning system, called as Touch ID.The company also recently explained how this system would actually work in detail. Surprisingly, as per the company, the phone will not store the fingerprint impression of the user […]

  • Apple iOS 7 to get improvements with beta 2 version

    Apple has recently released the beta 2 version of the latest released iOS 7 for almost all Apple devices.Applications like Reminders, Weather updates, Siri have been improvised in the latest version. The latest version has made it more user friendly and useful applications as compared to earlier ones. Also the Voice memo application which was not […]

  • Apple signs deal with new chipmaker TSMC for future phone

    Apple has recently signed a new deal with Taiwan Semi-conductor Manufacturing Company  (TSMC) as the makers for the chips of the next-gen Apple phones. The company will be providing 20nm, 16nm and 10nm chips to Apple that would be used in devices starting from early next year.In a three-year agreement between the two, Taiwanese chip […]

  • Apple gets bigger and better share in India

    Apple has posted mammoth 223 percent growth in revenues in 2012 as compared to the previous year 2011 in India. The revenues of Apple India stood at Rs.2,000 crores approx which is around three-fold increase as compared to previous year and the analysts are expecting more than a double sales in 2013. Infact they are […]

  • Intel in talks with Apple regarding chip production

    Reuters has reported on the negotiations being conducted between Intel and Apple. A source close to one of the producers said that the heads of these companies met to discuss a contract agreement, for which the plant would be used for the Intel chip manufacturing company Apple. But until an agreement has been signed, nothing […]

  • Apple loses “iPhone” rights in Brazil

    Apple has, in one of the landmark judgements, lost the iPhone trademark in Brazil as per the official declaration made by the Brazilian regulators. The ruling has been done in the favour of Gradiente Eletronica, Brazilian based company, who had registered the name iPhone in year 2000. This means that Apple does not have exclusive […]

  • Apple releases latest iOS to address earlier update issues

    Apple recently released latest iOS 6.1.1 which is an update to iOS 6.1 released earlier this year. The main reason for this update release is to fix the bugs and issues that were faced by the iPhone users who downloaded iOS 6.1 earlier. There were some complaints received from the iPhone users such as over-heating, […]

  • Row over 4 G Speeds Forces Apple to Drop the 4 G Tag from iPad Name

    There has been lots of criticism doing rounds over the internet and among several media platforms about the alleged change of name of the iPad from the In fact, the criticism can be said to have been brought about by major stakeholders in the mobile device industry. They have been claiming that there is […]

  • Apple offering free shipping until December 22

    Apple has announced that all the orders for any of their products given at the US Apple store till 22nd of December will ship for free. This offer is also available for people from other countries but it is valid for one day only. This is a special holiday offer by Apple. Apple announced this […]

  • Shoppers Predominantly Want Apple’s iPad or Amazon’s Kindle Fire for the Holidays

    A tablet fever could be seen from this new survey polled 3043 consumers on consumer tablet demand. Tablets are in demand in these vacations as sales in US increased an estimated 130 percent.  It seems everybody wants to have a tablet. According to the graph above, 14 % of respondents are planning to buy a […]