RecognizeMe: Facial Recognition Security lock for iPhone

Developers has made an amazing security lock for iPhone which is called RecognizeMe. It is Cydia tweak which brings the first real face recognition to iOS devices (only front facing camera devices). Precisely, instead of entering passcode on lockscreen, you just have to use facial recognition technology. This is ofcourse for jailbroken devices only. 
RecognizeMe adds a new tap to iPhone’s unlock screen along with the Passcode that will check the person facing iPhone whether it matches pre-defined face or not.
Here is a video foun don YouTube that will show you how RecognizeMe actually works. If you want to get this tweak on your iPhone, search for RecognizeMe on Cydia. You need a jailbroken iPhone for this. If not jailbroken yet, you can go-through our Jailbreaking section.






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