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Recent post on your blog allows your visiotrs to see your recent posting and with thumbnails, it looks more beautiful and attractive. This guide will teach your how to add Recent Posts with thumbnails along with summary of your posts on Blogger/Blogspot. 

Go to your blogger dashboard>Design>Page Elements

Click Add a Gadget and the choose HTML/JavaScript

In the content area, copy and paste the following code

<script language=”JavaScript”>
imgr = new Array();
imgr[0] = “http://YOURIMAGEURL.jpg“;
imgr[1] = “http://YOURIMAGEURL1.jpg“;
imgr[2] = “http://YOURIMAGEURL2.jpg“;
imgr[3] = “http://YOURIMAGEURL3.jpg“;
imgr[4] = “http://YOURIMAGEURL4.jpg“;
showRandomImg = true;
tablewidth = 248;
cellspacing = 8;
borderColor = “#ffffff”;
bgTD = “#ffffff”;
imgwidth = 118;
imgheight = 100;
fntsize = 12;
acolor = “#666”;
aBold = true;
icon = ” “;
text = “no”;
showPostDate = false;
summaryPost = 50;
summaryFontsize = 11;
summaryColor = “#666”;
icon2 = ” “;
numposts = 5;
home_page = “YOUR BLOG URL“;
<script src=”” type=”text/javascript”></script>
In the above code, replace http://YOURIMAGEURL.jpg with the image url you want to show when there is no image in your post. 

Replace YOUR BLOG URL with the url of your blog. e,g

Finally hit SAVE and enjoy your blog with recent post with thumbnails along with summary of each post.






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