Make your iPad 2 invisible with ‘Invisibility’ app

Here comes an amazing magical application for iPad 2. Not really, but it does amaze you and others around you. This app ‘Invisibility’ makes use of the iPad 2′s camera and the built in gyroscope to create the illusion of invisibility, although it looks more like transparency. When the app is launched, all the user would have to do is “paint” the screen with his/her fingers, and the results would be mimicking the background of wherever your iPad is placed. When you move your iPad 2 around, the gyroscope helps keep the perspective of the background, displayed on your iPad 2 screen, consistent with the actual physical background. Check out some videos of this app after the jump.

This app is available on Apple Store for $0.99. Not too much for this wonderful app for your iPad 2.







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