How to Use Twitter effectively to enhacne traffic on your Blogs/Web?

People have been using social networking websites for increasing traffic on their blogs or websites but it has to be said that most of the people using these sources do not have enough knowledge or information to use them effectively.

Facebook and Twitter are two of the best social networking websites which a person can use for this purpose but it has observed that a lot of people opt for Facebook marketing instead of twitter which is a big mistake. So let us have a look on the reasons due to which we can say that twitter is better than facebook in terms of getting or increasing traffic for your blog or web.

First of all, it has to be said that Facebook has more users than twitter but a lot of famous personalities, footballers, artists, musicians, actors and celebrities do not use facebook because it is not secured for their privacy whereas on the other hand twiiter is known be the most famous and secured social networking medium for the famous personalities of the world to use. Apart from this, Twitter is an ideal and a perfect thing to have for this purpose. It is because the recent comments made by people on twitter and facebook is different as a person who is not following another person on twitter can see the tweets of all the people registered on the website whereas on facebook a person cannot see the status updates of those people who are not friends with them.

So keeping this thing as a main point we can say that a person can convince users on twitter to visit his/her blog or web through tweets because most of the people who are online do tweet back whereas on Facebook a person cannot get the information and status updates of other people. So all web and blog masters should target twitter as their main medium of internet marketing.






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