How to put adsense search box or code to Blogger header

The first thing to do is go to your AdSense account choose the ad unit you want to use and get the code.

(Remember : you need to parse your adsense code before putting it into blogger. To parse your code click here)

Now go to ‘Design’-> ‘Edit html’ for your blog.
(Tick The ‘Expand Widget Templates’ Box)

Find this piece of code in your blogs html:
(Click ‘Ctrl F’ for a search box to find the code)

<p class=’description’><span><data:description/></span></p>

Now just below this code, put your adsense code e, g it will look like this

<div class=’descriptionwrapper’>
<p class=’description’><span><data:description/></span></p>



Hit SAVE TEMPLATE and your’ done






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