How Much Change is Too Much Change? – Windows 8

Microsoft is coming up with a new approach with Windows 8 after discussing much over its advatanges and disadvantages of this approach. With windows 8 if you don’t find the new Metro Touch UI good then you ought to get back to the traditional desktop. Now the ribbon is being enabled in Windows Explorer and is being pushed throughout the operating system

The ribon was initially introduced in Office 2007, had different opinions and most of the people still don’t like it if they are made to use it or not. As the ribbon has been there for past so much time that most of the people who are using it at their workplace or home have acccepted the fact ribbon is of no use to them. It’s bot a mere judgment but a verified view of all those who have used it for quiet some time.
Those who like ribbon such as me, have common perpspectives that they could’nt find anything until they got exposed to it, a new interface that can put up things across different operating systems, software applications etc. It’s a very accepted adddition.

With windows 8, although Microsoft will be competing not just against naysayers and ribbon haters but an individuals nature as well. Every human being living on this planet earth is resistant to change. We don’t welcome change. This is why some things are still the same as they used to be. Thus putting in so much change to Windows 8 with noth Metro UI and desktop changes would not be so much welcoming by many people initially. For example when Apple came up with iPhone they didn’t change the old/regular UI that was widely welcomed and accepeted. However Microsoft Windows Phone operating system faced critique by many people for being too different and opposite of people’s expectations.

The new Metro UI in Windows 8 has been widely accepted although few changes are yet to be seen in coming months. To check consumer reaction to this new UI an acid test wouls be carried and if a major chunk doesn’t welcome it and continue demand for Window 7 in new PC’s they’ll had to do it such as they did in case of Windows XP. The more important is business reaction to this new UI. This new UI requires additional training of the wrokforce worldwide. Irrespective of the fact that its easy to use, convienet etc traing is still required by some means or other. 

Earlier at the time of Windows 95, the changes weren’t that big and significant like they are now in this case. This time Microsoft is coming up with the biggest risk in the name of Windows 8 and whatever happens in future it is guranteed to face the resistance.







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