Google News versus Apple News on iOS

Google just introduced a new Google News app with totally updated interface and a series of new features that put it on par with Apple’s own News app.

The Google News app is rethinking and attempting to renovate the existing Google Newsstand Play app that was previously available through the iOS App Store. It’s been totally overhauled though, with a simple, clean interface that’s fairly same as the look of Apple News with a dedicated navigation bar at the bottom. 

Google News does, however, have an another section for quickly selecting news categories such as U.S., World, Business, and Technology. 

Both apps showcase a “For You” section based on personalized recommendations. Apple’s draws in data from the categories and news sites you select to follow, while Google presents a selection of stories that become more tailored over time depending on what you choose to read and what you select as favorite. 

In these apps, you can search for different news sites, blogs, and topics and include them to your coverage lists to impact “For You.” Google’s For You section shows a list of five top stories and then gives supplemental stories at the bottom of the list, where as Apple organizes For You into top stories, trending stories, top videos, and then recommendations based on channels and subjects. 

Apple News showcases a “Spotlight” section that features curated news picked by Apple News Editors, which highlights some news topics that you might not have otherwise observed. 

Google News doesn’t have a comparable feature, but it has its own unique offering in the form of the “Headlines” section that aggregates the top news stories at the present time. In the headlines section, main stories have a “Full Coverage” option that lets you observe the same story from multiple news sites so all of the angles are covered. 

Google also has a separate “Newsstand” tab that lets you subscribe to paid and free news sources and amount of magazines using payment information stored in your Google Play account. Apple doesn’t have a comparable feature right now, but such an option is said to be in the works after its acquisition of magazine subscription service Texture. 

Now its your choice, whether you prefer Google News or Apple News.



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