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  • Google News versus Apple News on iOS

    Google just introduced a new Google News app with totally updated interface and a series of new features that put it on par with Apple’s own News app.The Google News app is rethinking and attempting to renovate the existing Google Newsstand Play app that was previously available through the iOS App Store. It’s been totally overhauled though, with […]

  • Unique Facts about Jailbreaking iOS Device – An Extensive Guide

    Most people especially those with iPad’s or iPhone’s may have come across the term Jailbreaking a couple of times. However, not so many of these people are well informed on what Jailbreaking is all about. In case you are among such people, keep reading! Foremost, the term Jailbreaking is used to refer to a process […]

  • Less Security Concerns For Android Users Compared To iOS users(REPORT)

    Android phones are being promoted as smartphones which don’t bother about security much. So they let you be, break the limits and allow you to be above and beyond the rules and boundaries. Well, to an extent it does hold some truth and we know all that. And a research conducted by Websense seconded it. […]