Google AdSense New User Interface Launched

Update November 10 – Google recently officially announced the release of the new Google AdSense interface.
Earlier today we received a tip from a source that Google has begun to beta test a new user interface for Google AdSense.  Doing some basic research, I noticed the first mention of this new interface last week by Justin Germino of Dragon Technology Blog. I can’t find any mention of the new user interface on the Google AdSense blog – although a post about blocking categories does display the new interface.
Here are some screen-shots of the new Google AdSense interface. It looks and functions in the same fashion as Google AdWords and appears to be a good upgrade from the current version which, I believe, has been in place since the early days of Google AdSense.

It appears Google is moving all of their reporting tools into a common interface design. Last week Google launched a new interface for their RSS tool FeedBurner.






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