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  • Covid-19 vaccination center installed in Ahmedabad Drive-in theatre

    Covid-19 vaccination center installed in Ahmedabad Drive-in theatre

    On Tuesday, the Covid-19 vaccination center has been installed in Ahmedabad’s Drive-in Road theatre where people used to drive into the theatre for watching recently released movies. Law enforcement officials could be seen enforcing the Covid-19 guidelines for safely vaccinating people.

  • Blacks have received only 3 percent of vaccine doses in California

    Blacks have received only 3 percent of vaccine doses in California

    There are over 2 million Black residents in California yet they have got only 3% of the doses in the state according to the California Department of Public Health. Now, a UCSF doctor is taking matters into his own hands to deal with the issue. California continues to increase its vaccination efforts, but when it […]

  • 27 year old nurse died after taking AstraZeneca vaccination

    27 year old nurse died after taking AstraZeneca vaccination

    A nurse was reportedly dead on Friday after she received the AstraZeneca vaccine in Georgia’s southwestern city of Akhaltsikhe on Thursday. The 27-year-old nurse Megi Bakradze, who developed an alleged anaphylactic reaction after getting the first shot of the vaccine, died after being shifted to a hospital located in Tbilisi, local Interpressnews reported. The report […]

  • Anandibai Patil, a 106 year old woman, beats Covid-19

    Anandibai Patil, a 106-year-old woman, defeated coronavirus and survived after recovery.  Anandibai was discharged following recovery from COVID-19 coronavirus. She was admitted in Savlaram Kalyan-Dombivli Municipal Corporation (KDMC) COVID Hospital in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India.  She thanked the entire team of KDMC and appeared happy.  Maharashtra remains the top worst-hit state by COVID-19 in the country […]

  • China have over 640,000 coronavirus cases instead of 82,941, leaked data shows

    China has intentionally refused to acknowledge hundreds of thousands more cases of coronavirus, new data leaked from China’s military-run university suggests. Officially, the country has reported only 82,941 cases of the virus and there has been widespread criticism over credibility of figure amid a lack of transparency from the government. A database leaked from the National University of […]

  • U.S. investigating if coronavirus came from Wuhan lab, says Trump

    U.S. President Donald Trump said on Wednesday that the US government is attempting to figure out if the coronavirus came from a lab in Wuhan, China, and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said Beijing “needs to come clean” regarding what they know. The source of the virus remains is still disputed. General Mark Milley, chairman […]

  • Hyundai to offer COVID 19 tests and ‘drive through’ testing support in U.S.

    Hyundai Motor’s North American unit will extend its support for “drive through” testing for the coronavirus and donate 65,000 tests to healthcare centers in the United States, the South Korean automaker stated on Tuesday. The company declared $4 million in grants and stated it would support “drive through” testing at 22 hospitals. Hyundai stated it […]

  • Trump removes inspector general overseeing $2.3 trillion coronavirus relief, says report

    US President Donald Trump has removed the inspector general who was named to supervise implementation of the $2.3 trillion coronavirus economic relief, Politico has reported. The president also removed Glenn Fine, the acting inspector general for the Pentagon who was named previous week to chair a committee acting as a sort of uber-watchdog regarding the […]