Apple offering free shipping until December 22

Apple has announced that all the orders for any of their products given at the US Apple store till 22nd of December will ship for free. This offer is also available for people from other countries but it is valid for one day only. This is a special holiday offer by Apple. Apple announced this deal on “Black Friday” which is the first Monday following the Thanksgiving holiday in the US. Black Friday is the largest shopping day of the year. All the other companies announce a number of deals on this day.

Apple usually offered the free shipping deal on online orders of more than 50$. Customers who are looking to get their items delivered quickly can choose from two options i.e. $10 for two day shipping or $16 for one day shipping.

Apple is also offering a holiday gift guide to attract the potential customers to a variety of different Apple products. Gift wrapping and engraving on iPads and iPods is also being offered by Apple especially for the Holidays.

Apple was able to increase its sale by four times by offering products at a discounted price on the Black Friday.







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