Blogger New Five Dynamic Views for Readers

Blogger now offers New Five Dynamic Views for Readers that has the ability to present your content in 5 new, delicious and exciting ways. These 5 dynamic views for readers requires you to have modern bowers. e,g Internet Explorer 8+, Mozilla Firefox 3.5+, Google Chrome or Safari. The look and feel of these new dynamic view maybe different if you are viewing them in older version of browsers. You can take a look at dynamic view of your blog by typing /view/ at the end of your domain e,g

Currently, these dynamic views doesn’t support many features that the original blog may have. Blogger stated this as 

Please note that these views do not currently support many of the features your original blog may have, including displaying advertisements. For this reason we have provided the option for you to disable dynamic views in your Settings page. We intend to add these missing capabilities over the coming months as well as let you personalize these views, including providing an option to set a particular view as the default by All Dynamic Views for authors







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