Blogger Bandwidth

Yesterday one of my friend asked me ‘What is blogger’s bandwidth?’ I searched the web and got the answer.

Bandwidth limit means how many people or visitors can visit your website or blog per month. But there is no bandwidth limit for your blogger blog. Some of the FREE and even paid hosting services will limit your website or blog using bandwidth per month or even day. You have to pay extra if you exceed this limit, and in serious case your hosting account may also be suspended without notice. But thanks to Google as there is no such Bandwidth limit in Blogger blogspot blog, you can have a million visitors per day. But if you use other custom templates other than blogger default templates and have many visitors per day, your template images may not be shown due to limit of image hosting, which depends on the hosting website your template images are hosted. For example if your blogger template images are hosted on photobucket and have many users, the template images may say bandwidth exceeded upgrade account.

On the other hand, there is a limit of images you upload in your blogger posts. Google stores all your images uploaded in your blog in picasa, which is acquired by Google recently. So there is limit of 1GB for your blogspot images other than your 7GB to 8GB storage limit of your Gmail, which is only used for mail. 







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