Add floating Facebook, Twitter and Rss buttons to Blogger

This tutorial will show you how to add floating cool and funky Facebook, Twitter and Rss buttons to Blogger just like you are seeing at left side of this blog. If you want to have floating share button to your blogspot, then read that guide here. Its very easy and will get buttons on your blog in a blink of an eye. So let’s move on
Go to you blogger Dashboard>>Design>>Edit HTML
Tick “Expand Widget Templates
Look for </body> tag in your template. [Tip: You can search for this code by pressing CTRL + F on your keyboard]

Now just above/before </body> paste the following code

<a href=’‘ style=’bottom: 510px; display: scroll; left: 4px; position: fixed;’ target=’_blank’ title=’Join us on Facebook’><img border=’0′ src=’×48.png’/></a>

<a href=’‘ style=’display:scroll; position:fixed; bottom:550px; left:4px;’ target=’_blank’ title=’Follow us on Twitter’><img border=’0′ src=’’/></a> 
<a href=’your-rss-feed-url-here‘ style=’display:scroll; position:fixed; bottom:470px; left:4px;’ target=’_blank’ title=’Subscribe Rss Feed’><img border=’0′ src=’’/></a>

Simply replace green lines in the above code with the url’s of your Facebook, twitter and rss feed. That’s it






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