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Zelensky wanted war, says Brazil’s former president Lula

In an interview with Time Magazine, the former President of Brazil, Lula da Silva blamed Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy and US President Joe Biden for the war with Russia.

Lula said:

“I don’t know the President of Ukraine. But his behavior is a bit weird. It seems like he’s part of the spectacle. He is on television morning, noon, and night. He is in the U.K. parliament, the German parliament, the French parliament, and the Italian parliament as if he were waging a political campaign. He should be at the negotiating table.”

When asked, “Can you really say that to Zelensky? He didn’t want a war, it came to him,” Lula replied:

“He did want war. If he didn’t want war, he would have negotiated a little more. That’s it. People are stimulating hate against Putin. That won’t solve things! We need to reach an agreement. But people are encouraging [the war]. You are encouraging this guy [Zelensky], and then he thinks he is the cherry on your cake.”

On Joe Biden’s role, Lula said:

“The U.S. has a lot of political clout. And Biden could have avoided [the war], not incited it. He could have talked more and participated more. Biden could have taken a plane to Moscow to talk to Putin. This is the kind of attitude you expect from a leader. To intervene so that things don’t go off the rails. I don’t think he did that.”


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