World’s top 10 expensive Football player transfers

Football is a game of millionaire. It is a beautiful game that is appreciated and played all over the world. There is always the race between the clubs for buying and selling top class players into their squad. Lets take a look at the World’s top 10 expensive Football player transfers to date

1 Cristiano Ronaldo – Manchester United to Real Madrid, 2009, £80million
2 Zlatan Ibrahimovic – Inter Milan to Barcelona, 2009, £56.5million
3 Kaka – AC Milan to Real Madrid, 2009, £56million
4 Fernando Torres – Liverpool to Chelsea, 2011, £50million (Feb 2011)
5 Zinedine Zidane – Juventus to Real Madrid, 2001, £46.5million
6 Luis Figo – Barcelona to Real Madrid, 2000, £37million
7 Hernan Crespo – Parma to Lazio, 2000, £35.5million
8 Andy Carroll – Newcastle to Liverpool, 2011, £35million (Feb 2011)
9 David Villa – Valencia to Barcelona, 2010, £34million
10 Gianluigi Buffon – Parma to Juventus, 2001, £32.6million






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