Why iPad and iPhone Users should wait for iOS6?

The communication industry has registered tremendous growth over the past decade, and everyone will agree Apple has had a huge role to play in that. The invention of state of the art Smartphone and tablet has left very little to be desired as far as integrated communication and entertainment is involved. The success of Apple gadgets, especially the iPod, iPhone and iPad has been enviable. Last year alone, over 40 million iPad pieces were sold throughout the globe, yielding estimated revenue of $25 billion. But what exactly lies at the heart of the huge success, Apple gadgets always experience in the market?

Many users have different opinions as to what made them purchase an iPhone or iPad. While some attribute the popularity to the classy features included, many have been lured by the diversity of the iTunes appstore, which is the largest in the world. However, many users fails to realize that behind the effectiveness of their gadgets is the world’s most advanced operating system, Apple’s own iOS. This fall, Apple will be launching iOS6 to replace the already flawless iOS5. If you thought you had seen all this manufacturer has to offer, the iOS6 will make you think again.

What the iOS6 Offers

The iOS6 will give iPad and iPhone users more features to enable them have better experiences with the gadgets. The best part is that the new operating system will be absolutely free. As soon as it is available, you can easily make the wireless upgrade on your iPod Touch, iPhone or iPad. Here is a preview of how this new OS will improve your Apple experience:

l Maps: Your maps will take a complete turn as they will now be designed upwards from the ground. With vector-based map elements. Text and graphics will have amazing detail. You will also enjoy real time traffic updates spoken and visual turn-by-turn navigation.

l Siri: With iOS6, your favorite app will be bigger and better. Siri will not only work in more countries but it not understands several other languages. This will help you find out many more things going on in more places all over the world, from sports updates to travel information.

l Facebook: You number one social network will now be even better to use. The new OS will let you share photos straight from Photos and Camera, chest-thump a high score from Game Center as well as post locations from Maps. With events integrated to your calendar, gone are the days when you missed birthdays.

l FaceTime: With iOS6, FaceTime will now work on both Wi-Fi and cellular networks. This means you can now receive or make FaceTime calls from wherever you are. You can even make calls using your iPad as long as you provide your phone number.

The list could go on and on with other improvements on Mail, Phone, Safari and other apps. Even for people with hearing, vision, mobility and learning disabilities will enjoy better accessibility with the iOS6. With all these features and so much more, there’s every reason to lie on wait.






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