Why I chose my Nokia N8 over the iPhone

So I was just speaking to some people today, some of my friends rather. Who are all iPhone fanatics. They just kept going on and on and on about how amazing and awesome their iPhones were. This made me think about the time I had purchased my cellphone, which doesn’t happen to be an iPhone, but instead is a Nokia N8.

Now, why would I prefer to take the Nokia N8 over an iPhone? Decided to write a post so I could explain this.

First of all, why do people buy iPhones? If we leave the cool and hip factor aside. There’s not really too much of a difference between most high end phones and the iPhone. Granted iPhone has a huge library of applications in its arsenal. But I am not the kind of person that really needs to make a lot of use of his phone to carry out complex tasks.

I am someone that has access to a proper computer pretty much all the time. The only thing my phone is needed is for that email checking at midnight, making calls and texting. Should I happen to need a few more features like Office, they’re all in here at my ready disposal on my Nokia N8 as well.

But the biggest and the best feature that made me insta-buy the Nokia N8 over the iPhone was the camera. My Nokia has an amazing 12 Megapixels camera and it’s so convenient to be able to snap high resolution pictures of anything at all whenever I want. I don’t even carry a camera anywhere anymore because my Nokia N8 is all I need.

Apart from this, I can get pretty much any frequently used feature I want on my Nokia N8. I might be sounding a little bit Nokia fanboy here. But it works for me, so whatever.

Just thought I’d write about this, do let me know what you think!






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