Which team has better chances of winning Cricket Worldcup 2011?

As we all know that ICC Cricket World cup 2011 is going to start on 19th Feb 2011. First match will be played between India and Bangladesh at Dhaka. Long waited event has finally come and Cricket fans are excited for the action to begin.

Cricket World cup 2011 Schedule
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Many people have a question in their mind that which team has higher or greater chances of winning this Cricket World cup? Well, if we glance at the recent performances and form among all teams, we will see that India has the greatest chances of winning this world cup. Lets take a look at ICC’s ODI rankings

Rank Team Matches Points Rating
1 India 38 4719 124
2 South Africa 38 3712 120
3 England 44 4712 112
4 Sri Lanka 31 3574 115
5 Australia 39 4586 110
6 Pakistan 25 2008 80
7 West Indies 29 2224 77
8 New Zealand 30 2428 80
9 Bangladesh 23 266 9

See? India has got highest rating, points and every thing else. South Africa and England are also said to be in the word cup winners prediction. Take a poll below

ICC Cricket World cup 2011 will go into the hands of
South Africa
West Indies
New Zealand
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