When writers score – Steven Gerrard

Many a great men have often confessed they cant help but be influenced by their popular reputations.
A word of praise may propel him or perhaps too much of it might sink him with performance anxiety but nevertheless none might nip it in the bud. Keeping in mind the power of pen in creating if not embellishing what already exists, an award that comes on behalf of the writers themselves might therefore be considered the toughest to achieve. This is exactly the new feather in the much contested and followed hat of Mr Steven Gerrard, the cynosure of the midfield.

Steven Gerrard has capped the English team more than 100 times and is also the captain of Liverpool. He has been awarded the FWA footballer of the year several times in addition to being the FIFA player of the year in 2009. This time however its topped it all, as the latest comes from the writers themselves. He was awarded for his contributions during a dinner organized in his honor by the football writers association of England. A humbled Gerrard confessed, he felt greatly honored and the sparkle in his eyes seemed
to hold within, the prophecy of unheard greatness in the soon to commence FIFA world cup in Brazil, where he might lead England to the top end of the pedestal.






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