What is Jailbreaking?

With the production of a variety of Apple products such as the iPhone, the iPod Touch, the iPad to name just a few, there also comes some new vocabulary. One of these terms that you might hear thrown around is the word “jailbreaking”. I thought that it might be worthwhile to talk a explain what this is and give a little background about it.
So if I were to define the term, I would say that it is a term that defines the process of getting into the operating systems on the Apple devices. So you might wonder why anyone would want to get into the operating system. If you have an Apple device, then you are limited to applications that are only available through the Apple App Store. Once you know how to get into the operating system, then you can gain access to more applications or more themes an even more extensions. If done correctly, jailbreaking will still let you use the regular functions that you have been used to using on your device. Though the term has become synonymous with Apple products, this is a term that has previously been used in some of the game systems such as the Playstation and Xbox systems.
One of the main purposes for jailbreaking is so that you or the user can access more applications that are typically available for the regular Apple user. Tools or programs have been developed that once downloaded and installed will allow you the user to add programs to your device, personalize your device and even go so far as to access files and other tools.
It is necessary to be aware of the fact that even though you might love to add some new applications to your Apple device, what you add might also have a negative effect on your device from the how long the battery will work to how your system actually runs.






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