The Water Charger

Would you ever consider charging your iPhone with water instead of electricity? Well believe it not, this is something that you can now do. There is a company in Sweden that has created a charger called PowerTrekk. This is a small and portable charger that you can take with you wherever you go.
The charger consists of an eye glass case and a water tray. And the charger is actually a fuel cell. The fuel cell uses water as power. This is a fantastic charger and is useful if you are camping over the weekend and is especially useful for hunters or for people that spend a lot of their time outdoors. If you are away from a power outlet, then this is the specific charger to use. It can offer you the power that you need to charge up your electronic equipment that might include your smartphone, your digital camera and your GPS device.
Once you purchase the charger, you need to understand how to set it up. This is an easy process, so here is how you do this. Put water in the water tray and then connect your iPhone or electronic devise to the charger using a USB cable. This is one of the best features about this device is that fact that you can connect the charger to any device by using a USB cable.
You may be wondering how power is generated. The charger is contained in what is known as a Powepukk. This case is lined with sodium silicide which when combined with water produces hydrogen gas. This gas is used to help generate power. This unit will be available in either May or June and will have a price of around $200-$250. You can replace the tray if you have to for around $4.






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