Vladimir Zhirinovsky

Vladimir Zhirinovsky dies at the age of 75

Russian State Duma Speaker Vyacheslav Volodin announced on Wednesday that Vladimir Zhirinovsky, the founder of the Liberal Democratic Party died after a grave and prolonged illness.

The Liberal Democratic party is the 4th largest party in terms of seats in the State Duma.

Vladimir Volfovich Zhirinovsky was born in Alma-Ata, the Kazakh Soviet Socialist Republic (now in Kazakhstan) on April 25, 1946.

He was engaging in political activities since his student years.

On December 13, 1989, Vladimir Zhirinovsky participated in a meeting of the initiative group for establishing the Liberal Democratic Party of the Soviet Union (LDPSU). The organization’s platform was based on the Program of the Social-Democratic Party of Russia which was authored by Zhirinovsky himself.

Zhirinovsky ran for president six times. He entered the Russian Book of Records as a participant in the largest number of presidential campaigns in the country. His best result was in the 2008 election with 9.5% votes.

On February 9, 2022, it was reported that Zhirinovsky was in Central Clinical Hospital (CCH) in Moscow in a serious condition and diagnosed with a novel coronavirus infection. Previously, he was vaccinated against COVID-19 and his last vaccination was on December 20, 2021.

Apart from his ambitions to reduce western influence over Baltic states and regain control over these regions, he was also supportive of India and China.

Vladimir Zhirinovsky authored over 500 books and publications, including a 100-volume collection entitled Political Classics.





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