Update on the CloudOn Applications

Earlier we wrote a review about the CloudOn Application. It is important to update everyone on some events that have occurred surrounding this application. This was originally a free iPad application that allowed the purchaser to create, edit and work with Microsoft Office Word, Excel and PowerPoint files in conjunction with Dropbox.
This application was available for a short time yesterday in the Apple App Store, however just as quickly as it was there, it was gone. According to CloudOn, they have stated that the application is sold out. There has been some conjecture that there may have been an overload on their servers, though nothing officially has come across the wires that there is any truth in that statement.
From the comments that many people have left, they seem to be generally very happy with the application. When the app was running, it appeared to run a bit slowly, but with so many users hitting the servers, the speed might be attributed to this.
As we conclude this note, let me remind you of what this application does. To begin with it is supported by Dropbox so that you can store and manage various Microsoft Office files.You can use the Word, Excel and PowerPoint files on your iPad to build or modify various documents. You can manage your vairous documents through the support of Dropbox. You can do a variety of tasks related to any Word, Excel or PowerPoint files. You can track changes made to Word documents as well as use tables and formulas in your Excel files. You can work with animations and transitions while working in PowerPoint. Finally you can save any of your documents so that you don’t lose anything. So stay tuned in to us and once we hear about any changes, we will let you know.






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