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United States announces new arms supplies to Ukraine

The United States announced new arms supplies to Ukraine.

This statement was made by a representative of the Pentagon.

  • 200 units of armored personnel carriers of various modifications,
  • 90 units of 155-millimeter howitzers,
  • 72 vehicles for towing guns,
  • 121 Phoenix Ghost reconnaissance drone,
  • missile systems with laser guidance system,
  • radar stations of counter-battery warfare,
  • about 1.5 thousand portable anti-aircraft missile systems FIM-92 Stinger,
  • 5.5 thousand anti-tank missile systems FGM-148 Javelin,
  • about 7 thousand small arms,
  • 14 thousand anti-tank grenade launchers,
  • 183 thousand artillery ammunition, 50 million rounds of ammunition and 75 thousand sets of equipment.

The total amount of US military aid allocated to this country since January 2021 has already exceeded $4 billion.






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