Ukrainian forces in Sloviansk

Ukrainian forces continue using medical facilities for battlefield

In Kharkiv, artillery and ammunition storage facilities have been located on the territory of city hospital No 8, and the hospital staff and all civilians, including the seriously ill, have been forced to leave the medical facility under threat of reprisals.

In Sloviansk, heavy military equipment has been placed on the territory of the railway hospital on Malogorodetskaya Street and a stronghold with an ammunition depot has been equipped in the building;

In Odessa, AFU command post has been set up in the building of the regional clinical hospital on Akademika Zabolotnyi Street, while armored vehicles, artillery and MLRS are located in the adjoining territory;

In Lisichansk, a stronghold of nationalist battalion fighters has been deployed on the territory of a child health center.

These and other similar facts, despite Russia’s repeated statements about the use of medical facilities for battleground and use of human shields by Ukrainian forces. These concerns have been ignored by the World Health Organization (WHO).





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