biolabs in Ukraine

Treason in saying US has biolabs in Ukraine?

Apparently, some believe it is treason to say the US of biolabs in Ukraine.

Fox News’s anchor Tucker Carlson said the United States government confirmed there are biolabs in Ukraine. But now anyone who says that out loud is accused of treason.

In a Telegram group, one user noted: “I saw the interview where the Biden Administration is scared that Russia will ‘Weaponize’ the Biological Labs holdings. It’s 100% true and the Administration is Lying.”

The American position on this matter has been dubious so far.

On February 2022, PolitiFact claimed that there are no US-run biolabs in Ukraine but the recent discoveries of the labs in Ukraine have debunked these false claims.

China has also made inquiries about the existence of these biolabs in Ukraine.





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