The Top 3 New Mobile Gadgets of the Year So Far

Thanks to increasingly cheap internet availability and a wealth of mobile gadgets on market, it’s now really easy to start enjoying connectivity on the go, pretty much wherever you’re headed. However, with all of this choice at our disposal it can be a little tricky deciding on the right gadgets to buy and with models coming and going all the time, you’ll also want to get something that’s a little bit future proof ideally.

Mobile gadget one

Our first mobile gadget recommendation has to be the MiFi, which has the potential to revolutionise the way we use our mobile broadband contracts. This is a small plastic device that’s not dissimilar to a regular dongle that’s used to connect to the mobile network of your choice.

However, the big difference with the MiFi is that it allows you to connect up to five other Internet users too, via their laptops or netbooks, just as long as you give them the authorisation to do so that is. There are numerous models now on the market and they are all worth taking a look at if you have family, fiends and work colleagues that could benefit from sharing a connection.

The only potential downside is that data allowances are spread out across the users, so if you have five people connected who all want to download content, then it could be used up quite quickly. Nevertheless, this is still a great little device that can transform the mobile broadband experience.

Mobile gadget two

Tablet computers have taken off in a very big way since Apple unveiled it’s iPad. Now that is in it’s second incarnation, the competition is getting increasingly stiff, with a whole array of new devices leaving an impression on anyone who wants to go mobile. However, it’s the revised Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 that makes one of the best alternatives if you want something a little different.

This new slimmer and more stylish version of the Galaxy Tab runs the Google Android operating system, so offers dependable performance and has a rock solid technical specification too. You’ll have the benefit of lots of free and paid for apps from the Android Market, along with a user experience that is certainly along the lines of the iPad.

The big difference is that you’re free to enjoy multimedia entertainment on the go, without the oppressive feeling of being tied in to the likes of iTunes. What’s more, this new incarnation has a delicious colour screen that makes watching movies and catch-up TV a really impressive experience, one which is made all the more enjoyable because you can take it with you no matter where you go.

Mobile gadget three

It’s hard to spend any time talking about mobile gadgetry without mentioning the smartphone and this is an area that continues to go from strength to strength. There’s one player in the world of handset production that currently seems unstoppable and that is HTC. While there are already numerous great smartphones in its growing range, some of the new models that are being released take things to a whole new level.

Not only do these phones pack a great punch when it comes to technical prowess, but they have a design and build ethos that is second to none. With funky new models such as the Rhyme arriving too, it seems that not only is HTC aiming it’s phones at people who want dependable performance, but also at those who want to make something of a style statement too.

Granted, there are plenty of smartphone manufacturers and countless handset options out there to choose from, but HTC has to be commended for producing a range of phones that offer the mobile user everything they need. Better still, many of them run on Google Android, which is an operating system that continues to get better by the day too.

Add it all together and you’re looking at a feature set on a smartphone that is unrivalled in many respects. While it’s a bit silly just to recommend anything by HTC, if you’ve never tried one of their phones before then it’s certainly worth taking a look at one before you sign up for your next mobile contract.

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