The New iPad with Retina Display is Simply Brilliant

You simply need to pick the latest iPad and everything is clear. You can actually touch your photos, read a book and play the piano using this new gadget. It is designed to make your hands on experience better and what is more, the fundamentals of the iPad such as the camera, display and wireless connection have been made better. It is all these aspects that increase the capability of the third generation iPad to deliver more than you imagined. Thanks to the retina display, you can see everything more clearly than before. Compared to iPad 2, it has 4 times more pixels, richer colors and the text that is razor sharp.

The retina display also transforms your experience with the iPad making everything look and feel incredibly lifelike as well as perfectly detailed. There are a couple of factors that make the new iPad 3 endearing and it is ideal to look at some of these in-depth.

Best Display on Mobile Device

Regardless of what you choose to do with the iPad, you can do it through its beautiful and large display. Whenever the display is superb, the experience also gets better. In this case, the retina display features a 2048 by 1536 resolution and has color saturation of 44 percent which is greater than that of the iPad 2. In addition to this, it also has 3.1 million pixels and all this is in the same inch space of 9.7. The pixels are also close together and for this reason, you are able to see pictures clearly as well or the article.

Breakthrough Technology

There is no question that the technology used in the new iPad is a major breakthrough. For the display to be created with the 4 times more pixels, it had to be designed completely anew. Consequently, each pixel has some multiple signals which send an indicator telling the iPad when to light up. For the purpose of ensuring that everything looks crystal clear, the iPad engineers have elevated the pixels to a different plant and this separates the pixels ensuring that they don’t cross each other thus causing a blur. This is new technology just like the iPad and it is what makes it an outstanding investment.

It is also designed with quad-core graphics and when this is coupled with the retina display, it delivers the best Pad experience. The battery life is also one of the best and this is because it is spared and in essence, it offers close to 10 hours power. You can use it to watch, play, read and write anything you want without having to worry about the power dying out. Every time the Home button or the open the smart cover is touched, the iPad is ready to work and this is yet another aspect that makes using it efficient.






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