Victory Day Parade, Russia, 9 May

The major points from Putin’s Victory Day address

  • Contrary to what Western officials were expecting, Putin did not officially declare war, announce mobilization or claim partial victory in the Ukraine operation.
  • He essentially alleged the US and NATO of working to revive Nazism and falsify history through the direct support of neo-Nazis and Banderites in Ukraine.
  • He also went on to highlight the moral degradation of the US-led liberal West, where traditional “millennia-old values” are now being “canceled.”
  • He made clear that the fight against the neo-Nazis in Ukraine was taking place on historic Russian lands and in the name of Russia’s future and national security.
  • There were no signs in Putin’s speech that the operation in Ukraine is anywhere near completion or that he would settle on anything less than Kiev’s total compliance with Moscow’s demands.






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